Bojack Horseman S02E05

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finally, someone worthy of Todd’s friendship

In case you were wondering, cannibalism is alive, well and socially accepted in the Bojack world. With his friends busy at work, Todd is left to his own devices and ends up protecting a chicken escaped from a factory farm. Sweet, simple Todd forms an attachment to “Becca” the chicken who is now the subject of a police hunt. With the help of Diane and Irving (Kelsey Janning’s daughter), for once in his life Todd wants to make a difference. Back on set, Bojack, for the umpteenth time, makes a play for director Kelsey’s favour.

Chickens was Todd’s episode, and boy was it fun. This episode was a great way to address some of the strange double standards that exist in the Bojack world. My sleepless nights can end now that I know that the anthropomorphic chickens in Bojack do farm and eat other chickens on a regular basis. Now I just need to know what happens to horses after they die… The writers were creative as ever in constructing dialogue for Becca, who only communicates in becks, bocks and bachs, yet manages to hold a conversation with a policeman. As well as this, I, like Kelsey Jannings am finding Todd more and more lovable every episode. He has transformed from couch bum to fun addendum.

In this episode we meet Irving, Kelsey Janning’s daughter, who is essentially being babysat by Diane. At first I didn’t like Irving’s character, not for who she was but what she brought out in Diane. I know that Diane is moments away from a quarter-to-mid-life-crisis but come on! I hate watching adults compete for the approval of a 17 year old. Maybe it’s because I’m 19, but if I get through 35 years of life and I am grovelling to an entitled 17 year old please shoot me. Anyway, it was obvious that Irving was there to make Diane reflect on her own life and where she is in life and if she’s happy and if she loves Mr. Peanutbutter etc. etc. etc. Despite this, I think Diane got to cut loose this episode and it was great to see her do something new.

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This wasn’t a bad episode by any means – I’m just not usually one to sing praises for what is expected. Not because I don’t believe in it, simply because I run out of synonyms for “great” and “funny”. In any case, a redeeming part of Chickens was Diane and Todd’s few moments of dialogue. I never really think about Todd as a character and I know his split second of introspection was a meta-joke but I still enjoyed Diane’s comment about life in your 20s. We forget that Diane is actually 35. When you don’t think about life in an existential way, I think it was kind of nice for her to remember that, “Yeah, I’ve experienced that part of my life and now I’ve grown past that.” Although Todd isn’t really in limbo, I found the insight into their friendship comforting. Bringing self-worth to characters can be pleasant, even if it is for comedic relief.

Overall, I don’t have much to say about Chickens. As the episode itself says  – it’s just a fun story of zero consequence. It was nice to see more of Todd and his refreshing sense of naivety, which somehow comes off as silly and sweet, instead of plain dumb. But maybe I’m just being fooled by that cute face of his…

Bojack Horseman S02E05: 7/10

Don’t look back…




4. Bojack the social justice warrior




7. We all knew it was coming…



10. Todd and Diane: BFFs

11. Bojack saves the day


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